iCloud Photo Library issue with downloading originals

Does anyone else get download issues with iCloud Photo Library?

I take most photos on my iPhone and then have my iPad set to download originals. For some reason the download on the iPad keeps getting stuck, and the downloading number never goes down?

Any ideas? This is a reoccurring issue. I can sometimes resolve it by signing in and out of iCloud, turning on/off iCloud Photo Library, but it always happens again within a week or so.

What sort of network connection are you using? There is a setting that will prevent Photos from uploading or downloading originals while you’re on cellular.

What worked well for me in the past is to selectively mark pics as a “favorite”, then unmark them. Seemed to force syncing.

Generally on Wi-Fi, so it shouldn’t be an issue but I’ve tried it on cellular as well after enabling the setting you mention.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.