iCloud Photos – am I doing this right?

Hello all. Will appreciate suggestions/confirmation.

On the Mac Mini, have a separate account/profile for my SO – and have set up her Photos library there. iCloud is switched on, it has been made the Systems library, and set to download the full/original quality photos to that library.

On her new MBA, I opened Photos.app, also said yes to using iCloud Photos, but chose the “Optimise Mac Storage” option. The “System library” option is greyed out, since presumably it has to be the ‘system library’, given that it is the only photo library on this Mac.

What we want to achieve:

Photos to be taken on iPhone, uploaded to iCloud, with the original images to be pulled down to the Mac Mini library – which is time-machine backed up on site, and via Backblaze. On the MBA (256GB), we don’t want full resolution downloaded, to save as much space as possible. The MBA library will merely be for viewing, occasionally.

As currently set up – will this work as intended?

I think so, I’ve got it set up in exactly the same way and for the same reason.

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Cheers – I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to work as planned, but still very good to hear others have done same, and it’s working as expected with them!

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