ICloud Photo's library Sync

Howdy folks,

For whatever reason, ever since the Catalina update I am finding that my ‘Photos’ app on the MacBook pro; iPad and Photos are out of Sync. They seem to get their eventually but are in no way as instantaneous as they were before. i.e. I take a picture on my phone and can access it virtually immediately on either of the other devices.

Instead what I am seeing is ‘Updating…’ which it doesn’t do for perhaps hours

Currently, all three devices are completely out of sync.

I have signed out of iCloud and back in again on all three devices separately and it hasn’t fixed the problem. Apple is aware of this and had me send them a report they created via a link and said they’d escalate it but that was at least two weeks ago now.

If it means anything my Voice Memos are completely out of sync also, so I am certain this is an iCloud related matter.

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes. Syncing of photos, memos, etc. has been an issue for me, and apparently a lot of other people lately. In my case my iPhone and iPad stayed synced but my Mac didn’t. In my case, unchecking & rechecking Photos in System Preferences/iCloud a couple of times got it going again. Currently syncing is working but is much slower than normal.

Have you tried logging out of iCloud on all your devices at the same time (and then back in one at a time)? That has fixed other iCloud problems for me in the past.

Catalina and iOS 13 seem to be slower than their predecessors when syncing with iCloud. Hopefully Apple gets things back in gear soon.

Yep. Here too on iPhone and iPad. Plus, now I am back to receiving blank emails. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::angry: