iCloud Shortcuts vs. Workflow folder

On iOS, I have the new Shortcuts folder in Files in iCloud. However, on both my iMac and MacBook Air, the folder is labeled Workflow. When I log onto iCloud Drive via a web browser, the folder is “Workflow.” The files that I sent to Shortcuts on iOS show up in the Mac’s Workflow folder, but they don’t seem to be synching. I ran a Hazel rule on the Workflow folder, and it moved the files appropriately, but those files are still in my iOS Shortcuts folder. Something is clearly wrong.

Does anyone have a suggestion or solution?

I’m trying to run the recent Shortcut/Hazel rule that @MacSparky made on Automators for capturing expense receipts, but with “Shortcuts” folder on iOS and “Workflow” folder on Mac, and the two not synching together, it won’t work.

Well, after posting here, my iOS iCloud Shortcuts folder is now syncing with my Mac iCloud Workflow folder. This forum is magic. Just post a problem, and it gets fixed! (Must have been a temporary glitch in syncing to iCloud.)