iCloud sync iOS13 - iCloud.com - Catalina has time issues (=time to back up!)

I created a note today and watched it sync across my devices… NOT

  • it will not sync to or from macos Catalina on my iMac
  • it will show up on iCloud.com after half an hour or so
  • it will sync from my iPhone if I created it there
  • to my iPad: but with a different date:




it seems the iCloud issues are far from over.

time to backup everything guys!

It finally showed up on Catalina


with more or less the same timestamp as the original, so that’s a surprise…

I too have had problems with Apple Note sync. It has been a bit better since yesterday but still not reliable. I’m sure they’ll get it corrected, I hope soon.

I have been having issues with text started in Drafts not syncing across devices since IOS update.