iCloud Tabs Disappeared Suddenly

I was using Safari on Mac today. Phone on the desk next to me, iPad in the next room. Safari’s tab overview screen listed all the tabs on my phone and iPad.

I clicked the little X next to one of the iPhone tabs, and now all the tabs are gone in the tab overview. Phone, iPad, everything. The section isn’t even there.

iPhone and iPad haven’t changed in any way. I fired them up, and all the tabs are still there. Just can’t see anything on my Mac anymore.

Anybody have any ideas as to what might have happened? Any chance I accidentally clicked something other than what I thought I was clicking and “hid” them? If so, any clue how I get them back?

Yes, there have been several threads touching on this in the past year or so. For me, iCloud tabs stopped working under macOS 10.15.7 and never came back – even when I upleveled (or downleveled – depending on one’s perspective) to macOS 11.1.

I’ve done most of the recommended fixes with no luck. I have not logged out of iCloud on my MBP because that screws up so much stuff that has to be undone – not worth it just for the joy of handoff.

I’m looking at all those solutions too - it just felt super-weird that they were all there, and literally 10 seconds later they were gone.

I have this on my macbook pro. On the iMac everything is fine.
Found that unselecting safari in icloud preferences and re-selecting it solves it for a few days for me… not permanently though

And surprise surprise: now my iPad has the same issue :frowning:

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Today, for no apparent reason, Safari on macOS 11.1 once again started showing the tabs from my other devices in iCloud Tabs.

Just as the feature mysteriously stopped working in 2019, now it’s mysteriously back. Absolutely nothing related to iCloud changed on any of my devices in recent weeks. Good to have the feature back, but would sure like to know why it disappeared for so long.

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