iCloud Tasks vs Reminders in Fantastical

Hi All,

I am forced to live in a Windows World for work - and I use outlook. Its functional but I rely on Fantastical to better manage tasks… first question is Why is it so hard to create a task/Todo from an outlook calendar appt? I visit a client, take notes and send information - then I want to make a task to follow up with that person so it’s not a Open Loop… Ive only found that Fantastical can do that and even then, I have to use “Duplicate as Task” - but it works. Does anyone have a better work flow?

Second Question - and the title of the thread - In fantastical calendars, what is the difference between iCloud tasks and Reminders? When I ask siri to remind me of something it goes to reminders and I am fine with that, but what goes in iCloud Tasks? Can I just uncheck it? (by the way, the lists in iCloud tasks and reminders share the same names but dont have the same data…)

Can Anyone shed some light on this?


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In Quick actions in Windows Outlook, you could create the original appointment and a follow up action as part of the same “workflow”

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Thanks. That helps !