Iconserviceagent - high usage

My computer is being battered by iconserviceagent, and not only do I have no real idea what it’s doing, but I also don’t know how to stop it. All of the information that I’m finding on it appears to be years old, and doesn’t discuss MacOS Mojave. It’s hitting my external drives like a drum, and slowing down processing on my computer. I’m trying to process some photos, and iconserviceagent is pulling processing power away, causing jerky mouse movements.

Any ideas about what the hell its doing, when and why?

I had problems with that in the past. I cannot remember exactly how I fixed it but I think it was related to some custom icons that I used. If you are using any custom icons, you can try removing those and see if that helps.

Simply entering iconserviceagent Mojave into Google found a ton of stuff. Take a look at this for starters.

No, I don’t have any custom icons per se. I’m a photographer, and the iconserviceagent is hammering away on the RAID that I keep my images on. Perhaps it’s creating icons for each image stored there?

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