"If Apple was a democracy." Funny

I saw the tag line and thought I know who manufactures the most democratic phone … and in Europe you can buy it.

I wonder how long a Fairphone lasts. I’d kind of love if I could repair my iPhone like this.

The population requesting this thing to “fold” was too small to be represented. :rofl:

Tangentially related: the XKCD phones.



Even if you could repair them with good parts available cheap, lack of support on the Android side makes anything last longer than two years.

They forgot the Laser pointer and Label maker (which would actually be quite awesome)!

Someone should build a plugable addon. :slight_smile:

I know it jests, but part of me is like “…‘dishwasher-safe’ seems like a cool feature :thinking:

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When a can of Coke found its way into our Apple IIGS, the local computer shop where we got the computer - no joke - told my dad to run it through the dishwasher. He did, and it worked after that.

Still amazes me.


You can get dishwasher-safe keyboards. I don’t know why they’re not standard in offices, especially offices that encourage hot-desking.

I have run wired keyboards through the dishwasher many times, to no ill effect. I would not try it with a wireless keyboard.