If I could find a solution to this I'd use DEVONthing for all work notes

The more I use DT the more impressed I am and the more helpful the app is becoming. It does nearly everything I need for research, archiving, annotating, etc.

IF I could find a good solution to a particular issue, I’d use DT for all of my work notes (I’m currently using Apple Notes).

What is keeping me back is the ridiculous text input window in DTTG. It has limited formatting compared to the desktop, e.g., can’t add tables or add attachments, etc., and the text window is ridiculously small.

This is important to me because I prefer to use my 12.9 iPad for taking notes in meetings. Below is a screenshot of the DTTG text window.

The image is a bit deceiving, the text box on the iPad is small. Here is a better image:

Do you use another app on the iPad to take initial notes and then send them to DT? When taking notes I often need to:

  • Add a table
  • Add a document, e.g., Word or a PDF
  • Add links
  • Add link to an email
  • List action items to then send to Apple Reminders.

If so, what do you use and how?


I often use Drafts, to send it to DT, but I don’t know (yet) if all of your requirements are met with that approach.

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I don’t have a solution, but I feel the same about the input. The window needs to be much larger

And handle tables, PDFs, etc, much like the desktop version. Oh well…

You could point another app at the DEVONthink folder. iA Writer could do this, for instance. Then creating new notes in iA Writer would put them in DEVONthink, too.


I am currently toying with using AN more and achieving in DT. Partially bc my partner is not much info tech and AN are installed on her iPhone :sweat_smile:.

But for export I will probably need to find a solution on my Mac.

This is what I’m currently doing. In my “ideal” world, I could be able to compose and keep all of my notes in DT along with my research articles. Unfortunately, the state of DTTG is such that it is not a viable input method for meeting notes, given the needs I outlined above.

I like iA Writer a lot but it is clunky when dealing with tables and attachments, e.g., PDFs. DT would be perfect. This would not be an issue if I did not use the iPad for meeting notes. I suppose I could just use my shiny new M1 MPB. :grin: If I take this route, my 12.9 iPad would only be used for annotating PDFs, reading, and typing in Ulysses. I suppose I could make that transition.

Another option: use a Shortcut?

This asks for a title, creates a markdown file with that title in the DEVONthink Inbox, and opens that file in the in-app Markdown editor.


Maybe you should add the import from the clipboard to that Shortcut, so you can also add attachments like Word or PDF and/or (maybe a second import-question?) a link.

Use the app that suits your input formats best and point its files to Devonthink, or put them in an “import” folder so DT ingests them. If all wishes came through there would only be one super app to rule them all.

There are many good note-taking apps out there that use DT acceptable file formats so combine the strengths of each to get what you want.

Well, no one on MPU wants to hear this, so I say it with much hesitation.

That’s what I created in Evernote in about 10 seconds.



sorry for the dumb question, how do you use iA Writer to put notes in DT? by importing?

Sorry, my bad. I thought you could use iA Writer’s Add Location feature to target DEVONthink folders, but I was misremembering.

DEVONthink editor is probably app’s worse feature. PITA to take quick notes on rich text or markdown. Hopefully one day soon they massively improve the editor. It really sucks.

On your iPad use whatever editor you like and then put the files into DEVONthink.

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Unfortunately, it’s now in Evernote and I think most have given up on them ever developing robust sharing and export options. :frowning:

It’s definitely functional as a content generator, though, with share → more options → DT → Webarchive. Evernote breaks the Webarchive pretty content grab, so you have to save it with the Evernote HTML chrome around the content.

My hope is that one day we’ll have a robust .singlefile format clearinghouse iOS app that takes content from anywhere and sends it anywhere with an easy-to-use trimming tool to remove nonessentials, that is aware of gotchas and limitations in the most popular 50 or so information management apps. One day.


It’s certainly heading that way.

[There was a time in my life when I wished I could write a book on my computer. Things change.]

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I still have an active DTTG sub which I reinstalled recently after discussion on here. I was genuinely surprised how terrible the creation window/process was. Definitely an area that needs work.

As others have said, using something Drafts is likely the best workaround.

Couldn’t you take your meeting notes etc in Notes.app on the iPad and then when finished creating them, export the note to DevonThink?

That’s how I do it, particularly for board and committee meeting notes, as a workaround for the same perceived limitations in the DT or DTTG editor that you reference.

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