IFlicks memory leak affects screen output

I’ve posted previously about the fact that my Mac Mini (2014 model) would randomly stop sending a signal to my Monitor after the monitor being asleep. Using Screens or VNC, I could see that the Mac Mini was still functioning normally except for the screen output.

I think I’ve worked it out. Someone recently mentioned on here (I can’t find the post) about it maybe being connected to memory and I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s using memory and it appears that iFlicks (an app which transcodes video and pulls info for TV and Films) has some form of memory leak which over time gradually increases the amount of memory it uses. By quitting the app after use, it’s not happened again.

Thought I’d post in case someone else had the issue. I’ve tried to contact the Developer, but no feedback yet.

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I also use iFlicks quite a bit, but I always quit it between uses, so I haven’t encountered this issue.