IFTTT Pro: what Pro applets are you using?

I have had ifttt Pro for more than two years and despite paying for Pro under legacy pricing, I am not using the pro features. Even at $1.99 a month, I am considering cancelling it because why pay when I am not using it,

What are some of the pro applets people are using ? Perhaps, I may be inspired from others use case.

I’m in the same boat with the legacy subscription. I have no idea if my applets are Pro or not, so I have no idea if I’m paying the $1.99 for no reason. But my handful of applets are as follows:

  • send me a notification if tomorrow’s low drops below a certain temperature (probably don’t need any longer – we once had some pipe freezing issues we’ve taken care of)
  • send me a notification if it starts snowing (I still get as excited as a grade-school kid when it snows)
  • add various social media posts (e.g., Tweets I like, post myself, etc.) to a dedicated Day One journal that archives social media stuff
  • keep Alexa to-do list in sync with the Reminders app (I set this up years ago when we got an Echo Dot, and haven’t used it since, and now HomePods have taken over our house)

So, yeah, I’m probably just about in the same boat as you, except for the social media applets.

I was only using the RSS applet, but wrote my own NodeJS/JavaScript “services” that run on a Raspberry Pi to save me the $1.99/month.

As a bonus I learned new things and I can now customise feeds more to my wishes.

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