iHome Replacement?

hey MPU,

I had an issue with one of my smart outlets for my Christmas lights. It seems that after April 2022, they have stopped supporting it. The claim is you can still use it in HomeKit, but it has been hit or miss lately with it. I have been getting the usual ‘no response’ for a while now.

Is there anything better or comparable but still HomeKit connected?

Side note: not sure why other things in the house get a ‘no response’ (like my Apple TV 4K)

I find the Meross power sockets to be pretty reliable.

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I had the same issue with 3 iHome plugs this week. Unable to reset them after multiple attempts. Contacted their support team for troubleshooting but was unsuccessful resetting them still. They are a few years outside of any warranty coverage. I was able to link 2 other iHome plugs via Homekit easily. Seems hit or miss…

Luckily I found another set of WEMO plugs that I never opened. Was seriously considering the Meross plugs as replacement.

I ran into the exact same issue with the exact same outlet a couple weeks ago, as I dug it out of the box for Christmas lights. I was about to order a Meross outline, when my order history showed I already had one. I found it, and it’s been working great so far.

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