I'm an outlier: I like compact mode in Safari

I’ve gone back and forth to see how I like compact mode vs separate mode in Safari. I know a lot of people don’t like the compact mode but it is growing on me.

What is your reaction?




I totally agree.
Now that I can tell very, very easily which tab is the current one, I like it.
Earlier versions had me clicking around to figure out which tab I was on and it was very frustrating (ie. I think the earlier complaints were valid, but people need to forget about it and move on since the bad versions were all in betas/previews).

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I switched to compact as well. I am not sure I love it, but I have no problems with it. Sometimes it does feel too cramped. I like the colorizing of the top as well.

I just switched to give it a try. I don’t like it at first, but I plan to live with it a few days.

Using it for the last couple of days; and I like it.

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In regular mode I was constantly hitting the add to reading list button on accident. Compact mode doesn’t have that button, or they moved it somewhere else. Huge plus for me.

I didn’t know what “compact view” was, so I have just looked it up and made the change…I have Monterey.

My impression is not good at all. I am going to live with it for a few days…but…I think I will go back. What was wrong with it before…I suppose you get a little bit more real estate.

I really like compact mode. The only issue for me was the initial effort at figuring out where to click, drag, and select. Once I got that down, I really came to like the new design.

** Personal rant, you can feel free to skip over **
I was annoyed by the tech pundits being so critical about this change over the summer. The constant complaining seemed like it lacked a good deal of humility to me. Not saying people were altogether wrong, but it was so unpleasant to listen to and read. I massively unsubscribed to a bunch of podcasts and Youtube channels over it. It was my St. Valentine’s Day subscription massacre. I’m not even sure I disagreed with them at first, but it was draining.


I’m liking it quite a lot, especially on smaller screens (10.5 iPad and 13 MacBook Air).

Sometimes the color thingie is confusing or strange, but I left it on too

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I tried it again because of this thread. Nope, can’t do it more than 10 minutes. I tend to have a lot of tabs in a window and as a result I can’t get to the various tools that reside in the address field under the menu that is easily accessible by tapping “aA” on the left side. Is there some other way to access this when in the compact mode?

If all of those open tabs are necessary for a given “session in Safari” probably not but if you have different tabs at different times for different work I find the new tab group feature to be perfect for this.

hmm, I suspect this is something I can’t see on my mac? I am running Safari 15 but I’m still onCatalina as that is the latest operating system my mac will support.

I tried the preferences/tab and I don’t have any thing about compact or standard there at all.

Why does my M1 MBP have an option to have the color change in Safari preferences, but my Intel iMac does not have that option?

I have Safari 15.1 in Monterey. The setting is in preferences in my version.

The color option is under the Advanced tab

Nope not on my machine Running Safari Version 15.0 (15612., 15612)

aggording to apple support site it’s a Big Sur or Monterey thing

Ah that makes sense. I’m on Catalina. That’s the latest operating system my hardware supports.