I'm trying to be more intentional


My reminder (part of it), the only piece of paper in my office:

And there, Odysseus sat at ease, day in, day out, till a year had run its course. But then when the year was through, his loyal comrade took him aside and whispered to him ‘Odysseus, Odysseus, this is madness! High time you thought of your own home at last!’ He loosed the slack and all the winds burst out and a sudden squall struck up and swept him back to sea, wailing in tears, far, far from his native land.
Know yourself, Odysseus, know yourself! For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.

Odysseus binds to himself again the power of heaven, the light of the sun, the brightness of the moon, the splendor of fire, the flashing of lightning, the swiftness of wind, the depths of sea, the stability of earth, the compactness of rocks.
Because beyond the horizon there may be defeat, some men stay. If this tattered ship were heaven bound, they’d go. If god lay beyond these waves, they’d go; and some men who have nothing, they would go. I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired. I’ll go. Odysseus, he knows defeat, and so will strive with all his might and he will go, he will go, he will go. He will fly away from Ithaca to Illyium as quickly as he can and to fly away is to become like god, and to become like god is to become holy, just and wise.

A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a million men.

And now to the battle.

And if Odysseus should die, let it be like this: remembering those he has loved and those who have loved him; forgiving his enemies, and them him; and grateful for having shared the earth with the butterfly and the wolf. And should he live? The same my friend, the same.


Where have you quoted this from?


From the film STANDING START.


In addition to seeking help from a therapist, and enlisting friends and neighbors to help you I would also strongly suggest you talk to a nutritionist and a medical doctor. That sound to me more like a physical problem as well as a mental one, both are so intertwined anyway.

You mention a small circle of friends and the loss of your church support group. Can you find something else that brings people together? A bunch of us (who BTW are all 60+) all meet at the Pub regularly. If someone is missing for a day or 2 people call or come up to see if everything is ok. None of us have many family members living nearby so this is our intentional family. Of course our local Pub used to be a church so maybe the fostering of caring for others is natural to the building. :wink: It also helps that the Pub brings in younger people, families with kids and a wide swath of the town’s political and social groups so we are all forced to interact with people on a regular basis. There is live music one night a week and many of the artists are locals. There is a crafts night 2 times a month, I take knitting, or my LambTracker development system, other people bring in sewing, one guy is making leather moccasins, there are writers, jewelry makers and more. The rest just come and drink craft beer.

There is a local group that does yoga several times a week, a supper club, several different book clubs, one group that gets together and plays board games, one restaurant hosts karaoke once a week and there is also beat night, where the songs, or poetry or readings must be something you have written yourself, no covers or recitals of other peoples’ work. There are organizations out there, Toastmasters, Rotary, the Elks, the Lions, a shooting club. The library hosts travel presentations, there are ski and bike groups and a group that meets at the gym to lift weights. All this in a town with less than 1500 people in town and only about 6000 in the immediate area.

If you can’t find a group focused on something you either already like or might be willing to try then start one.


I shared my thoughts on living intentionally earlier this week https://dazne.net/intention/.


I think a lot have been said already, and - most importantly - from your writting you actually have already identified all the actions needed. The next step is about implementing them :wink:

Obviously I don’t have all the facts, but could you perhaps take the first step? It takes no effort to send a simple ‘hello’ and the worse that can happen is to get no reply.

All the best. And thanks for your courage in sharing this


I have really found a connection with this idea of ‘intentionality.’ It’s nothing new to me really in many respects, but the idea of having it be a focus, a theme, a guiding light, is.

To that end, I have also decided to try writing out daily plans, so each day I will complete a page on GoodNotes with spaces for my wife, me and my work (not entirely sure what this will look like yet), followed by a schedule of what I plan to do in each of the day’s time slots (typically 30 mins each, based around the school timetable).

I think this will help me make better use of my time between classes, and also help ensure I deliver each and every lesson with the full intentionality and focus that makes me enjoy my profession.

Thank you @MacSparky for sharing.


We’re all in this together brother.