iMac 5k camera too dark

I bought the 27" 5k iMac this September with 1TB SD and later upgraded the RAM to 40 GB myself. I have noticed that FaceTime camera is too dark. For example I wear glasses and people looking at me online often ask me if I’m wearing sunglasses! I called tech support and after doing a few tests resetting SMC and NVRAM they asked me to bring it in to the Apple Store (which I will do next Saturday).

To troubleshoot, I also set up another user account and tested the camera through that but with the same results. I also downloaded them program iGlasses through with I can control the brightness, but apparently Mohave didn’t provide enough permissions for this program to work on FaceTime or PhotoBooth.

Has anyone had this problem of a dark iMac camera?

That sucks about iGlasses. I own a copy, but haven’t tried using it since upgrading. Just found this on the website for the app:

Yes, so unless I use Skype iGlasses is useless. It works really well though otherwise.