iMac is (attempting) to log user out?

Hi Gang!

A couple of days ago, my iMac started trying to log me out as user? A program or two stops it because it needs to save something.

Any ides?


Sound like something is trigging the Log Out command – which has the shortcut ⇧⌘Q. So it’s possible that that shortcut has also be assigned to something else in a different app, and the shortcut is being intercepted by Log Out.

You might want to get a copy of ShortcutDetective, which can help track down shortcut clashes.

Do you have it set to automatically install macOS updates? If so it might be trying to reboot to complete an install.

Yes, but I’m up-to-date and I’m not seeing a need to restart. FYI: I also restarted the computer and used ONYX and CleanMyMac.

I tried it. The computer logs out before anything pops up. Note, I click the program. Type command, sift, & q, and wait. Nothing shows up. It logs out.


This might be the droid you’re looking for:

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