iMac Pro - One and Done

Reports this morning stating the iMac Pro will not be continued…

Makes sense to me. The iMac Pro only came into being to be the only Pro machine before Apple decided to resurrect the Mac Pro. Moving forward, we’ll just see a wide range of iMacs of various speeds and capabilities.

But dang, what a great computer.


Yeah, I wasn’t surprised. With the Apple Silicon Mac’s coming online, the writing was on the wall.

Yes, a good computer. Probably second only to my Amiga 1000 (in context). I’m holding on to mine for a while.

BTW, the dodo was clubbed to death by stupid people, so the analogy doesn’t really hold.

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It always struck me as a hasty pivot to show that the “pros” were still important to keep the peace while they developed the Mac Pro.

Yeah, me too - as long as apps remain universal.

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It would be nice to see two desktop lines:

  • Mini grow up (literally as well as performance wise) to approach Pro.
  • iMac recast as a merging of iMac Pro and iMac.

Then I’d be conflicted all over again :slight_smile: as to which range to go with. Possibly Mini for podcasting / data storage and iMac for general use - these being in two separate rooms/floors of my house.

That may be true of Apple’s desktop computers, but not to the entire line of products Apple sells. To wit, iPhone and iPhone Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, iPad Air and iPad Pro. In my view, and setting aside the Mac Pro, a Pro version of the desktops was conspicuously missing. I would love to see an Apple Silicon version, perhaps a 21-24 inch Apple Silicon iMac, a 27 inch Apple Silicon iMac, and a 32 inch Apple Silicon iMac Pro.

Not sure how well they sold, but from what I’ve read, people who owned one really like it, especially for audio and video work. I was going to get one for the built in 1080p camera.

Besides the switch to Apple Silicon, intel announced last year that the iMac Pro chips were being discontinued. Another nail in the coffin I guess.

Does this mean that there’s still hope for an Apple Silicon iMac being revealed at the March event? :smiley:

I’m so waiting for the Mac Pro. My 2015 iMac is really constrained by its SSD. Xcode never updates, it’s ridiculous.

All older SSDs in all older Macs seem to be heavily constrained. I recently saw a guy complaining about his 2015 iMac too.

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How are the SSDs being constrained? Aren’t those already top of the line?

We were talking about older iMacs in this instance :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol. I figured these were still being updated until today. lol.

I’m talking about a 2015 iMac, that is all.

Well, the iMac Pro is now histoire as they say. Like all the Intel Apple gear going bye-bye, I Hope Professor Doctor S. Hackett Ph.D. got at least one for the Apple museum… :grin:


It has officially been discontinued.