Image Corruption on iPhone Images

Does anyone know what these lines are on this photo? These lines don’t appear on the photos on the phone itself and are not apparent when viewed in the Photos app on the Mac. However if I export photos or drag them to the desktop from the Photos app on my iMac, many photos will exhibit these lines. If I export them from my iPhone to Day One, for example, there are no lines but if I do the same from the Mac, then this corruption is often evident.

I have only been aware of this for a few weeks and wondered if it might be Mojave related but I cannot be sure exactly when it started and can see no other mention of this problem elsewhere in connection with Mojave so that is probably unlikely.



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Is your iPhone taking pictures as HEIF or JPEG? Since it only shows up on exported photos, one possiblity that comes to mind is that if the pictures are in Photos as HEIF and getting converted to JPEG on export that something in the conversion processes might be creating these lines.

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Thanks Chris. They are HEIF. I’ll try shooting jpeg and see if the problem persists,