iMessage Workflow

In macOS I have always archived iMessages when I’ve dealt with them. When I get a response the full conversation pops back up. There seems to be no way of archiving conversations anymore in iMessage? It seems to only have the option of deleting the conversations outright.

I used to hit CMD+Shift+W to move quickly through chats and it was great. Or hit the little ‘x’ that used to archive chats, which now seems to be a full on delete button. It was a great way of ‘clearing’ that list so I knew for sure everything was dealt with. Anyone know about this?

I believe this functionality still exists. Just go to your iMessage prefs on your Mac (⌘ + , ) and make sure “Save history when conversations are closed” is check.

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Thanks! You’re right. This button is greyed out when you have enabled “iMessages in iCloud”. You need to disable iMessages in iCloud to be able to do this. Not sure why they remove that functionality when you use iCloud, but I’m very glad it’s fixable. Thanks!!