Import temperature data into Health app

Does anyone know of a way to import temperature data into my Health app records? I was recently sick and wore a TempTraq 48hr patch and so have a csv file with about 400 readings that I’d like to import into my Health app. So far as I can see the Health app only allows me to add a single reading at a time.



I would use Shortcuts for this! You would need to split data into lines, repeat with each, split data on commas, and then use that to feed it in.

This is a shortcut I use to log my temperature once:

And this is what I would use with your data:

I’ve assumed column 1 is the date and column 2 is the temperature, you may need to change Celsius to Fahrenheit as well!


Fantastic, it worked. So it turns out that I had 714 rows of data. Yes, I had to change the units to Fahrenheit, and had to cull my file to just have 2 columns - TempTraq had some additional columns such as patch id and notes along with each reading. The shortcut did stall out though so I ended up erasing the processed rows and re-running - it took 5 attempts to get all the rows input - but they are all in now and took a total of 15 mins start to finish.

Thank you so much!

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I’m really glad it helped!

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