Import Text into Drafts 5 from the Mac

I’m looking for new ways to add text to Drafts from the Mac. I have Reminders Import set up, so I can tiny snippets of text into Drafts from Reminders, but I’d really like to be able to add text that I can write in a window bigger than a single-line reminder. How do you get text into Drafts from the Mac?

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Um, not that I do the same workflow you’re describing, but, Copy and Paste?

With Continuity/Handoff enabled, text copied on the Mac should become available to paste in Drafts on iOS immediately if they’re both signed into the same iCloud account.

The feature’s called Universal Clipboard:

I just tested, and it appears to work.

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I set up a Dropbox folder that is connected to NValt on my Mac. A Drafts action saved to this folder. I say saved because it doesn’t work anymore in Drafts 5, I don’t know why, maybe someone can help.

Easy! If you use iCloud there is a default folder for TextEdit. Just save your text into that folder via TextEdit. Then on an iPhone or iPad open the text file and send to Drafts with the share sheet! :nerd_face:

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Thanks for your suggestions, everybody! I’m looking for something that doesn’t require me to manually import the text into Drafts, mainly so I don’t have to be seen using my phone at work. Right now, I use Bear as scratch pad, but it’s hard to remember to open bear whenever I open Drafts and check my Send To Drafts note. Plus, the metadata winds up being all wrong. I’ll give these a shot!