Important safety tip: Never click “buy” on!

Here I go again. I have been eyeballing the MBAir M2 since it came out, and of course played with it at the Apple Store. Even though I have a 14” MBPro, I have been reluctant to carry it around being that it was so expensive and I actually feel the difference in weight between this and my older M1 MBAir (now my daughter’s to replace her aged intel MBAir).

Yesterday, to my surprise, configuring a models M2 MBAir (Midnight Blue, 16GB, 1TB) let to my discovering that, for no reason I can understand, delivery would be in 3-4 weeks but for $9.00 I can pick up up today. And so I will be doing so. At least I was able to cash in a large balance on my Apple gift cards that had been sitting unused for some time. And her old MBAir will be sold later tonight as well.

There is a strong chance that MBPro will be traded in for a Studio before much longer, and once again my Mac lineup will be complete. Until something new and shiny is announced yet again.


You aren’t in the Atlanta area, are you? I just returned an unopened Air with those specs yesterday and was hoping it would get a nice new owner quickly.

My mistake in the physical Apple store is always “Have you got this in stock?”

Nope, not near Atlanta.

I was surprised to see this in stock, but not surprised at my lack of willpower.