Importing Windows 2013 PST to M1 MacBook Air

Hello, My wife is leaving 2 decades of Windows use behind and moving to an M1 Mac. It is my job to get her massive PST (outlook 2013) file data imported. I think I can handle notes and contacts via syncing her iPhone6S. Calendar and especially Emails (many attachments and archive folders) have me worried. I’d appreciate any thoughts on the process. TIA Barry

Outlook for Mac should handle it just fine, using the regular import method. I’ve seen it handle some substantial archives. To transfer the file, you could send it over your local network to the new machine.

Thanks. Would that include going to MAC apps (ical & mbox)? She wasn’t going to continue using Outlook.

I used PST Bridge to convert to mbox from the App Store (paid) to extract outlook emails to be used in other apps.
Mbox is pretty universal

I used PST Converter Pro a few years back to bring all my employees out of Outlook and into Apple apps. It worked great. It will do mail, contacts and calendar. I only needed it for that one time but it was worth the money. I had no trouble with it at all. In the App Store.

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Thanks so much for the help. Barry

Another endorsement for PST Converter Pro, purchased from the Mac App Store.

I only used it on two PST archives in one session, but it converted them fine. Each was around ~650 megabytes. They were from a version of Windows Outlook from ~2003. (No idea which version that would be.)

I imported the results into EagleFiler, rather than, but as @aardy wrote, mbox format is pretty universal.

Thanks. I used it and it worked very well.