Improvement in performance with Big Sur?

I had problems downloading Big Sur, as many did. And then for 2 days afterwards it was beachballs everywhere. My Photos were all being revised (over 200,000 of them!), but that shouldn’t have messed things up that much. Following a tip on Mac Geek Gab I got MacUpdater (highly recommended!!) and found a lot of apps, even ones I had downloaded from the Mac App Store, needed updating. I did all that, ran Clean My Mac, rebooted and now it seems to me that my 2016 15" MacBook Pro is running much faster and more reliably than it did under Catalina. Maybe it’s the contrast from those 2 days of hell, but even things like Photos, which finally finished updating and which used to give me lots of beachballs, has been rock solid. What has been your experience?

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