In light of Automators, where to post?

@RosemaryOrchard, again… so glad you and @MacSparky have launched Automators. What are you thinking in terms of cross-over between forums? At least this specific category and all of Automators?

I wonder if this MPU topic area should be sunset in favor of posting at Automators. I would hate to see this great topic get diluted by similar ideas and discussion spread across forums with likely large audience overlap. Thanks for all you are doing for the community — jay


I agree, thank you so much for creating both of these forums and I also had the question of where to post.

There’s already a lot of overlap, and in my opinion, the best answer would be to keep Automators’s discussion here.

For one, Free Agents is already here in its own category.

For two, automation is already a major topic here on MPU. I see Rose closed her own forums, but I think having fewer sites with more topics is more favorable to splitting the notifications and exposure.

Not that anyone should ever ask me, but it’d be nice to have a grouping of Automation-based categories (for an example of this, see how Omni has categories set up on their discourse) with all of the sub-categories that Rose had on her discourse, and a separate category within that for episode discussion of Automators.


I just ran into this issue when I wanted to ask an automation question. I decided to post in Automators, but I have a feeling more people would see it, if it were a channel here in MPU like Free Agents.

Plus you have to have a second discourse account etc.

I can see good reasons for both scenarios of where Automators is housed.

Yes Automators is a great idea - and I liked the short? podcast format.
The numbers spreadsheet - KBM workflow thing has been put immediately into action.

Must of heard about it in ancient MPU episode - but passed my grey matter by - But now have got message!

I do agree with @Agent_Lozada

@RosemaryOrchard Is there no way to link both forums for certain areas?

It’d be really cool to get a link to the Automators discourse next to the other icons on the top of the page on this Discourse, and vice versa! Who do I @ about this one?

I’d try @RosemaryOrchard or maybe @MacSparky regarding feature requests

See also a similar discussion - Why isn't automators here?

This is temporary, as we are seeing if it gets enough action to get its own forum (on Facebook it didn’t). The podcasts are separate, hence separate forums. We’re still looking into what exactly to do with this category, but what is clear is that people shouldn’t be forced to post in a different forum, that’s not user friendly!


I think posts on Mac, iOS, or web-based automation could go either here or over at the Automators forum. There are some types of automation (Android/Windows) that would fit over at Automators but wouldn’t necessarily fit here.

The one thing I would hope people avoid is simultaneously posting the same thing on both forums.

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At the risk of being ornery, I would really prefer to see these merged into a single forum. I’d also suggest that it would be most effective if it stayed focused on the show. I just checked out the Automators forum & it struck me that there are a lot of questions that have readily available answers in other sources (Alfred forums, Noodlesoft (Hazel) forums, MacScripter, MacOSXHints (archives) etc.). There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Personally i’d Prefer if Automators was here as a lot of the listeners will be familiar with the MPU forum. I am a keen Automator and I think the podcast is excellent (well done to David and Rose). I also think the podcast has come at the right time and can’t wait to see what tips it brings for iOS 12. I think it’ okay duplicating some content, this is because Google may return a result but it may not be the most up-to-date/efficient way to do something, this is something I personally think this community will thrive at (there’s a lot of technical expertise on this forum).