In My Neck of The Woods

In “my” neck of the woods, the folks that are older than me watch their mailbox by the road for the mail carrier to drop off new mail. Me? I keep checking to see if my iCloud stuff has decided to sync yet, or if there is a new OS update out.

Found another “feature” in iPadOS today. Renaming a folder is like juggling running chainsaws. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I know that it will never be told, but because I am the curious learning type, after it is all over with, I sure would like to know what happened to this release of Apple OS that made it so buggy all across the board. :thinking:

If we’re talking about the same folder renaming issue (difficult to describe: neither folder nor name are visible and typing doesn’t seem to work), a workaround is to pull up the emoji keyboard and dismiss it.

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WOW! THANKS!!! I would have never thought to try that. :tada::tada::tada:

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