Inbound Facetime Audio calls are NOT working

Problem to be solved: My wifes incoming Facetime audio calls don’t ring or notify her of calls…

Her Facetime video (incoming and outgoing) work fine. She can also MAKE calls with Facetime audio, but just can’t receive them.

Steps I have taken to try and resolve the problem:
-Signed her out of her apple ID in Settings -> Facetime section.
-Tried turning Facetime off, reboot the phone, then turn Facetime back on.
-Tried turning wifi off to see if Facetime will work over cellular (rule out wifi as a problem).
-Tried other wifi networks.
-Checked to make sure I’m not on the blocked caller list
-Turned off any call blocking apps
-Made sure DND is NOT turned on.

This is VERY frustrating!

In notifications is FaceTime enabled?

Yup, that is how inbound Facetime Videos work, but just NOT Facetime Audio…

Are YOU the only one trying to call? Test with someone else?

I think backup, then reset all settings. If not, erase. If not, iTunes restore.

I would try signing out of FaceTime, resetting network settings, then signing back in.