Inexpensive iPad Mouse Recommendations

I’m looking for a mouse to use with my iPad, but I need something inexpensive. Anyone have a good experience with a relatively inexpensive iPad compatible mouse? Thanks for the help.

Logitech pebble is quite reputable as a small travel mouse.

I have used the Jelly Comb MS04 and it has a lot of connectivity options. Bought it a couple of years ago but have not had to use it for the last year. Was a good experience when I did.

Ditto on the Logitech Pebble, my girlfriend loves it.

I use an MX Anywhere 2S. It’s discontinued but it’s wireless, can connect (with toggle) up to 3 devices, and is compact. It’s also half the price of the MX Master 3. I think you can get a good price for it since 3S is out a year ago.

Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your recs.