Inexpensive Single Page Website for Organization

Hi Katie
If you are still in need, I’ll host it for you. free… well maybe a sbux GC!. :smile:

As far as who I am… long time listener, fellow podcaster and have referred a few clients to your co-host. Oh… and he has been on my show a few years back.

Offer stands if interested.


Rebooting an old conversation…

Are there good solutions around for a single page website in 2022/3? Although I could build a site from scratch, it must be something a non-techie can maintain and ideally hosted by a third party so if I walk away the site can continue so long as someone pays the bill.

Carrd (mentioned previously) looks pretty good (and is inexpensive). I have a requirement to be able to upload a (small) PDF as part of the site - I’m not clear whether that’s possible in Carrd, although the documentation does mention video and audio.

WordPress I’m familiar with, although it’s a bit overkill for a single page site (and a little more expensive than I’d like).

I have a domain mapped to a free Google Sites account.

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Many thanks. That looks like an ideal solution.

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Also noting that for small sites and reasonable-size PDFs, even if you can’t upload if an organization/individual has Dropbox you can just make a public link and link it right up. Easy enough. :slight_smile:

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I think that’s what I’ll do, as it’s the PDF that will be updated most often. I can let someone else update the copy on Dropbox which will be little effort for them.

£10 a year for a website and domain is a great price and Google sites is very usable.

Speaking of Dropbox, Once you get a template in place that works, maintenance and upkeep are easy…

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