Infrequent flyer: flight alert recommendations

I don’t fly often - invariably for holidays a couple of times a year, so I don’t need a paid-for app. What I would like is a free or low-cost app that gives alerts when a specific flight changes status (esp. delays).

Any recommendations?

Most of the Airlines own apps will be your best bet for this. Delta’s is quite good, American’s and Southwest’s are okay. Enabling push notifications gives you a heads up quickly when things are about to be delayed.


I’m not sure if any free app offers flight change notifications. That’s about the only thing they have to sell.

I used TripIt Pro before Covid. It is a good free app, but their Pro option for $49 per year adds alerts, etc.

The free version combined with Airline apps might be a good combination.

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I’m flying budget airlines across Europe (Easyjet in this case) - highly unlikely they’ll have an app.

The £4.99 for Tripit for the month I travel seems like a reasonable cost.

Easyjet has app that does all you will need!


It has a flight tracker but it’s the same as other apps (FlightAware, Tripsy, etc.) but I can’t see where it sends notifications - have I missed it?

It was something their app did years ago (7 or 8) when I had to use, assumed it would be something they did not get rid of. Think they texted delays too.

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I’ve used Tripit Pro for years for both domestic and international travel. It is excellent.

Not only does it alert me to flight status, gate changes, etc., but I can also add hotel reservations, car rentals, and more and I can share the trip details with my EA, venue host/coordinator, wife, etc. Additionally, one can forward the reservation information via email to Tripit and details will be added to your travel itinerary.


FYI, they bill yearly in the US, but it appears they offer a 30 day free trial.

“Use a promotional code or start a 30-day free trial. At the end of the promotional or trial period, you will be charged US$49 for an annual subscription to TripIt Pro.”

Interesting. These are the options available to me:

Great, I hoped that was the case. Just didn’t want you getting a surprise on your credit card. :grinning:

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This looks like Tripsy, not Tripit, right?

Often the airline will provide alerts (text and-or email). So while I have the airline apps I usually sign up for this service as well. Go to the airline website and look up your trip and see if your airline offers this service.

Good luck whichever you decide and enjoy your trip(s)!

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One of my favorite features of Tripit is forwarding flight itineraries to tripit where they will parse it and add it to a calendar feed. I don’t have to worry about timezones for the calendar events.


Back in my somewhat frequent flyer days, until 2019, I just used the airline apps.

Now, I just use the airline apps if I’m the one flying–which I’ve only done once since Dec. 2019. If I’m waiting on someone else’s flight, I do a Google search on the flight number, including the airline code, and Google will give me the answer directly, before even the search results.

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+1 to Tripit, When I was working full time, our company used Concur for expense reporting. So we received Tripit Pro for free. I also use Flighty , if you are going only for occasional trip may be just use it on a monthly plan when needed

As someone who books and tracks well over 100 flights per week, I am going to recommend “flighty”. I am constantly needing to be on top of a boat load of flights that our group flies each week, I have found flighty to be superior (quicker updates, and doesn’t seem to miss as many changes as Tripit does) to Tripit.