Initial thoughts on switching to Fastmail

note : this is Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)

Did David moving to Fastmail kill the service? I have had accounts with them for over a decade…. And have not seen it down like it has been recently.


I am not an expert in any of this but I understand many email providers were hit with DDOS attack.

Why GMAIL and Outlook were not? Are they so big that they have have to resources to prevent these? Is it a matter of money ???

also I do not get what is the purpose of DDOS email services, are they after money?

I teach cybersecurity classes and teach a class on the reasons email providers are targeted. It is when they have clients that cyberactivists do not agree with. This disrupts the businesses that are doing what the hackers consider unethical.

Large providers like Google and Microsoft can afford to handle this and they have protection against this kind of attack. Smaller providers cannot do much as it is too costly.

@Rob_Polding this is interesting. Email providers only supply the infrastructure, not the content. If the cyberactivists do not agree with the content, they should take that up with the email originators. This is like killing the messengers ? Unless there are email providers that support bias or encourage very extremely views or messages ?

They are often targetting companies for ethical reasons. For example, meat and animal product suppliers are a common target of cyberactivists, or companies that damage the environment, and they want to prevent these businesses from operating at all costs (including making all the users of an email service suffer). It is like shooting the messenger, exactly, but it also heavily interrupts the companies they are targeting and puts them out of business for a few hours at a time. It is similar in tactics to what the Insulate Britain protesters are doing on the roads in the UK, only innocent drivers suffer there instead of other users of an email company.

Seems like the cyber activists are taking out their primary target and don’t care about collateral damage.

Fastmail really does not have a good run lately, not sure other email providers suffer similar attack and how widespread it is

So you think using masked email locks you in to Fastmail?

You can use a custom domain to generate masked emails. So, no it does not…


One feature of Fastmail that is often overlooked is you can also use it to host your websites. Deduct your existing hosting fees from the FastMail subscription and the value gets even better.

Switched to Fastmail a few years ago after a brief stint w/ Hey. I liked Hey’s approach, but their search, maintenance of state (remember what you were last doing), and pricing were all garbage.

I’ve recently stopped using Fastmail’s app and switched back to Mail on my phone (and Fastmail’s website on desktop) and couldn’t be happier. I also started using my own domain so I can switch away someday should the need arise.

The only thing I don’t like is their spam filtering seems subpar for email being forwarded from another account like Hey or Gmail. The number of Coinbase-breach-related spam I have to delete on a day to day basis is a little frustrating.

One point to remember is Fastmail’s websites can only be static sites; no JavaScript or databases, etc.

Works fine for my two page company website.

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Yes - but only in a simple way without DNSSEC, IPv6 availability and so on… Would also have some stats concerning access-logs to those sites.
So yes, it’s working - but still quite basic.