Input source changes arbitrarily

hey MPUsers
I have two input sources on my my M2 MBA – ABC and British. I’m happy with this but what is strange is that the computer seems to arbitrarily change backwards and forwards between the two input sources. What gives? Is it possible that particular applications are linked to a particular input source?
Would love your wisdom-ing on this.
Cheers from sunny Sardegna.

There is a setting in the Input Source settings for this behaviour:

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Thanks @alinp32 – I did not know that at all. But, it was already unchecked/turned off (when I would have thought my ‘problem’ was because this was toggled on to automatically switch).

(Curious also to understand that documents have a ‘native’ input source – guess this is clear when writing in different languages in different docs).

Could you have a keyboard shortcut that switches input?

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you nailed it. keyboard shortcut was the same as my Alfred shortcut – it was driving me bananas. thanks!

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