Installing OS Public Beta for new iPad Pro?

What do you think? Yay/Nay?

I literally just unboxed it.

I would say it depends on what you need to do with the new iPad for the next 2 months. I’ve got it installed on my iPad Air 2 and it’s actually working pretty well on that. I’ve enjoyed exploring and have had only a few issues. That said, were I to have an issue it wouldn’t be much of a problem as that’s my spare iPad.

On my primary iPad, my iPad Pro, the device I use everyday for client work, that will stay on 12 until mid to late August. I may install one of the later betas on it as I did last year when I felt things were stable enough.

I think the most concerning thing I’ve read about this year is the possible iCloud data/documents problems caused by beta devices because it can even cause problems on devices that are not running the beta. :grimacing:


Just installed it today and so far so good. I just jinxed myself.

Uh oh.


Mine has been okay for public beta 1, but beta 2 seems more bugy for me. So as said above, it depends on whether you need your iPad as your daily driver.

After reading that post on Ulysses’s blog, I downgraded to iOS 12. I have too much stuff in Ulysses and hence in iCloud. If things were duplicated it be a big hassle. If it were deleted, it would be disastrous. Lesson learned: don’t put betas on your work machine.


No. (Actually “hell no” come to think about it.)

Just get the most recent and stable version of iOS 12 and enjoy your new device.

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Normally, I am in the camp with “DON’T DO IT!” folks, and I patiently wait for fall when it’s finally released. But I could not resist this time and have been happy with the experience. And I use mine iPad Pro for so-called “real work.” Here is my description of the experience:

The prudent advice is to wait. I appreciate the risk of beta software and have good backups, in case something goes wrong. So if you do decide to do it, don’t be reckless. But your life won’t end if you try it and it turns out to be too buggy with the toolset you use, you can always revert back to iOS 12. You’ll lose some time, of course, but not data if you handle it right.

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Totally agree!

The current beta’s can totally mess up your icloud data. (esp. notes and reminders)
I took the precaution to import all my apple notes into DevonThink just to be safe, and my reminders are a staging area for Omnifocus anyway, so that was not an issue.

Using a beta of any kind is totally your own responsibility, and in my opinion in no way the problem of the developer.

Any word on Public Beta 4? Is iCloud still vulnerable to getting screwed up?

Check the macrumors forums. among other things iOS 13 now updates all your shortcuts so they may no longer work on synced iOS 12 devices.