Integration of Messages wiith Reminders?

One item in a Reminders list has a Messages icon. I have no clue how it got there. The content of the message is a quote from a text message; clicking the icon takes me to my Messages app for the person who sent me that message.

I have no idea how this entry was created, but it would certainly be nice in general to have a user-friendly integration of Messages with Reminders. Any idea how this works?


Maybe that would work with Siri? Like “Hey Siri, remind me about this message in an hour.”

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These will get created if someone sends you a message with certain phrasing, e.g. “remember to pick up milk on your way home.”

I’ve seen them automatically created, which show up as Siri Suggestions in Reminders. I’ve also seen Siri suggest I added it with a little badge in Messages, and those I believe show up in regular lists like the one you’re seeing.

Yep, I learned that no long ago and use it all the time. Works on Mac and iOS.

OK that’s cool - I see that now

I can only figure out how to make it work for the most recent message from a given person. Is there any way to get a reminder for an earlier message?

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Just realized that “Siri Remind me about this” works for messages in Mac Mail too. And for web pages if you are using Safari. (Or if you are on Mac with chrome, you can use Handoff to your iPHone and then to Siri Remind me.)

Very very nice.

Cannot believe I missed this for years

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It’s based on the selected message for me on either platform.

I set up a Reminder to tell my nephew about a cool app. So when we are “gabbing” in Messages, Reminder urges me to mention it to him. It’s right there in the pull-down menu, select “when messaging” and select the person.

That is SO cool! Thank you!

I see it works regarding the “selected person” i.e. the selected Message thread.

But is there any way to “select” a message other than the most recent one for a given person?

Ah I see what you meant now. I don’t know if that’s possible. I fiddled with it and it always seems to use the other person’s last message as the reminder.

I’ve been using screenshots for that (works fine when sharing to reminders straight from iOS screenshot built-in tool).

Hi - can you clarify how you do that? Is that using Shift-Command-5? I don’t see Reminders as a destination option.

Hmm. When I tap the Share button from the screenshot pop-up I have Reminders in the share sheet on Big Sur:

And OS 14:

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OK I see - you are using the “Preview” option of Screenshot


Yes on the Mac I’m using the “interactive screenshot” by checking “Show Floating Thumbnail” in the Options menu.

Tested yesterday with Shortcuts and it works too. Handy if you working on a longer shortcut and want easier way to re-open it from reminders.