Integromat automation

Loving Integromat after hearing about it on Automators (60)!

I’m using it to notify me when a Toggl timer has been running for more than 30 minutes. I get the notification via Pushcut, enabling me to run my Timery shortcut which gives me menus to change the timer (menus are powered by Data Jar).

Working really well so far! Keen to hear how other people are using services like this to make their lives easier and more productive!


… this is smart. Even without Integromat! I should be creating Due reminders to check on my timers at intervals whenever I start them…

The good thing about Integromat is it will keep notifying me every x (15 for me) minutes unless I stop or change the timer, so if I am on a call for an hour, I can ignore the notification knowing it will notify me again to ask me to change it. You can do this on the free tier too (although I needed to pay for Pushcut).

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I’ve done more or less the same thing with shortcuts.
I have an automation running which checks for a Toggle timer entry running every 2 hours on weekdays (10am,12am ,2pm ,4pm ,6pm)
Not as fancy, but it does the trick :slight_smile:

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I do this too but hit the limit every month after a couple of weeks - don’t know what I’m doing wrong if you’re getting it to work fine on the free plan.

I had to change it to 30 minute checks and only during my normal working hours:

8 hours * 3 operations * 2 per hour * 20 days = maximum 960 operations per month (limit is 1000).

You could probably do another to check every couple of hours outside of normal working hours too (assuming that you don’t always forget to change your timer + the 40 operations you have left over it should be fine).

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Ahh, I see. I made some changes based on this and hope it helps! To make sure I understand, do you do that with the controls for when it runs under the whole template or is that part of the flow?

This is what my setup looks like:

Click on the clock and you can change the times it runs:

Click on the filter button between the first and second step, and you can change the rules as to when the second and third steps run:


Hope that helps @andveg38!


The filter is what I’m missing. I’ll add that later on today and try it out. Thank you so much for your help!

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