Intel MacBook Pro 13 vs MacBook Air (2019)

I’ve got an opportunity to upgrade my 2019 MBA to a 2020 Intel MBP 13". Of course, I’d rather wait for the M1 MBP but that’s not yet our corporate standard.

Is it worth upgrading to the Intel MBP 13 now? Otherwise, I’ll have to wait a few years for the M1 (or whatever will be the next standard.

Would the 2020 Intel MBP be the 2-port or 4 port model? The 4-port model would be a speed bump over the 2019 Air. Either model would get you the good keyboard. It would also give you the TouchBar, which could be seen as either a positive or a negative.

4-port. Hadn’t thought about that as an advantage but I guess it is. I haven’t worked out of the house for the past year, so I’ve been 100% connected to a USB-C dock through a single port for so long I forgot what it’s like to need more than 2 :slight_smile: Thanks for the info. I’ve heard the Intel MBP will be faster than my MBA. It sucks trying to sync my work upgrades with the latest hardware releases - they’re always 6-12 months behind the curve. First world problems…

FWIW, I purchased a MBA '19 when my '12 finally went kaput. I love it… ramped it up a bit (1.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB of memory) but it works great, looks good and does what I need it to do (not a whole lot, at the moment)