Interact like messages

There was a lot to love about Greg Pierce’s app “Interact”. The ability to create/editing/deleting groups was great but my favorite feature was the ability to select multiple contacts and sending them a message/email to the group or to each individual. Can that message action be recreated with Drafts 5 and or Shortcuts?

Interact was brilliant and still currently works.

That said, there is in the Action Directory:

Group Message

You need to edit the first step to include the names and contact numbers that you want in your list. You could copy it and change the action name in your Drafts so that you can have multiple instances: family, friends, work…

When run, you are presented with the list of names and can select as many/few as you wish.

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A member of the Workflow sub Readdit (my4pawscare) made this Workflow for me. It’s evident they put lots of love into it cause they even added emojis to the the Workflow text. Give it a look

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