Intermittent MBP WiFi issues

Hi there fellow MPU-ers,

Writing for help with a persistent issue that neither Apple nor myself have been able to resolve. I have a late 13” 2016 MBP w/TB that’s been experiencing intermittent WiFi issues since I’ve got it. Basically in the middle of using Safari a web page won’t load, but MBP will show I’m connected to WiFi. Doesn’t affect any other devices on the network (iPhones, iPad, wife’s MBA). Turning WiFi off/on usually fixes problem. Already done nuke & pave (setting up as new) to rule out SW, and Apple has replaced master logic board & antenna module. Just sent out to Apple again for 2nd time in a month, they basically did nothing except wipe my machine and run some tests, which not surprisingly showed everything is ok. The tech told me it could be my router (eero), which I’m skeptical about b/c if there was a routing issue I would think nothing would get past the gateway to the internet.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Has anyone else experienced something similar? I was hoping the HW fix would work, as it did for @katiefloyd when she was having issues with her machine.

Thanks all for any thoughts or suggestions.

I used to use my 2015 15” rMBP with an external monitor. If the monitor was somewhat between the laptop and my Airport Express (just 6’ 2m away), the WiFi didn’t work well. Reorienting the laptop so that the monitor was not between fixed the issue. In the end, I wound up moving it to the left side of the monitor.

My hypothesis is that the monitor generated or somehow blocked the 2.5GHz signal that WiFi uses. I never tried the 5GHz band.

I get the same thing with a 2017 15" MBP (wTB), wifi looks like it’s connected ok but just doesn’t seem to send / receive any data. I initially wrote it off to the ISPs standard router not being great but just replaced that with a high end mesh system and still getting the same thing. MBP has line of sight to the router base unit so I can’t blame obstructions. Some times it recovers itself without needing to click it on & off but it’s definitely annoying.

Any usb 3 devices connected?

No, I usually don’t have anything connected to it (aside from power, but the issue happens regardless of whether it’s plugged in or not).

Interesting. By any chance do you use Little Snitch?

Nope, I hadn’t heard of it before.

same here, no usb devices etc connected.

Can you change fresh rate on the monitor and try again?
And also try with wifi at 5ghz?

Maybe try giving it to Apple for a 3rd attempt at repair. If that fails, generally you can negotiate with Apple for a replacement MacBook. This has been the case for me twice over my history of owning MacBooks. You need to call AppleCare, then ask for Customer Relations.