International Facetime call

As long as FT has been around, I barely use it and know even less about it. Almost embarrassing.

I have a friend that moved to Canada and I’m in the U.S. I was wondering if I could video call her using FaceTime. However, I will NOT have access to wifi when I call her. Only cellular. Is this a non-starter?



If your cellular does data (and your phone company does not do something to prevent it) why not? WIfi probably provides better bandwidth but I have done Facetime between Kazakhstan and UK on 4g.

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I do this all the time. FaceTime and other similar apps generally have much, much better audio quality than a cell call and even with video work just fine over cellular data, assuming you have a good signal. You will have to make sure that your cell phone data plan grants you enough data though.


Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll have to try it out soon.

Also, FaceTime Audio is likely to sound much, much better than 9l% of international phone calls. Don’t forget that you can also turn on extra isolation from external noises during the phone call too.

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If you cellular contract has a limit on the usable data for a certain period of time, you may want to have a look onto how much data FT is needed.


I use both FaceTime and WhatsApp to talk to clients all the time, usually audio. I am based in Cyprus but my client base is almost 100% UK. Had no issues at all.