Intuit buys MailChimp

I’m not sure I’m pleased about this because I use MailChimp for my blog distribution list. I guess time will tell.

Wait, what? I thought Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, not Intuit.

On top of that, didn’t Salesforce recently acquire Slack for a very hefty sum of money? :worried:

I am. That is, I’m sure that I’m not pleased about it. I don’t use MC anymore, but a fair bit of experience dealing with Intuit leads me to believe that MC will be the worse for it.

Unless, that is, they just leave it alone and let it be its own organization.

They did. This is MailChimp, not Clipchamp that’s being discussed here. :slight_smile:

Yup. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I misread the title.


As a user of both MailChimp and Quickbooks that makes me sad.

That said email newsletters will become the next big nuisance and with the increasing amount of tracker deletion going on a less and less attractive tool for advertisers.

I was forced to subscribe to a newsletter on a site yesterday just to make a table reservation at a restaurant. Long live the @SaneBlackHole, where most newsletters end up! Others are purged automatically after 7 days. 99% untouched and unread.

I only keep/read a very few. Prefer to pull my news sources in via RSS