Invitation to OmniFocus 3 for Mac TestFlight

If you haven’t signed up yet, how’s the time to do it! Get your invitation now!

Oooo… this is gonna be cool!

Disclaimer: This is beta software. As always, backup your data before proceeding. There are probably missing features but it will be slowly added back in.


Well I can finally cancel the OF task to keep checking their blog for news on the Mac beta’s start, and just obsessively make sure my email is still working on my phone properly every time I leave the house.

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Now you need to make a new task to check your e-mail once you signed up!

I signed up on the day they launched the original TestFlight… Ken’s said that late next week will be next round of invites

I guess you can relax this weekend and resuming e-mail checking on Monday!

I’m enjoying the iOS app and can’t wait to try it on the Mac. Fingers crossed!

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Coming soon!

Missed the next round by two days. :frowning: