Invite Function is Broken

I tried inviting a user to this forum, but the “Accept Invitation” button is grayed out for the invitee. It does nothing when clicked on. Is somebody able to help fix this?

Here are some instances of people experiencing the same issue as me.

The issue seems to specifically be with this forum, not any other Discourse forums.

@anon20961960 has the right answer.

Just out of curiosity, I sent an invite from this forum to another email account I own. Then (after logging out of here) I accepted the invite from that account. Worked perfectly.

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It’s a feature of the forum that’s broken. Discourse developers must’ve thought that it was important enough to be implemented.

Regardless, it makes the account registration process a whole lot easier. I’m hoping that somebody can help me understand why it will not work.

Somebody else found a solution to the issue. Problem solved! :smile: