iOS 12 - Connecting to iTunes

I’m trying to connect my iPad Pro, running the public beta of iOS 12, to iTunes to transfer some movies to it for the kids (yes I perhaps shouldn’t have dived in on the beta!)

When I try to connect it to my Mac… It will not connection and tries to perform a ‘Software Update’…. I click ‘install’ and it comes back failed as it can’t connect to the Update server. I’m guessing that iTunes (of course) does not yet support iOS 12…

Anyone have a workaround? Other than using another App to sync them to my iPad?

I have iTunes v12.8.0.150 (and the latest update to HS)

Are these movies you bought through the iTunes Store? If so you could just download them directly from the store onto the iPad.

If they’re movies that you ripped from disc or got in your iTunes library some other way, there are other tools out there to transfer to an iPad for offline viewing (Plex comes to mind).

Ripped… I was hoping for an iOS 12 solution, but will consider VLC/Plex. Thanks.