IOS 12 - Constant Popup telling me to update

Have a very interesting bug that just took over my phone in IOS 12. I’m running the latest beta but I’m continually getting a popup telling me to update to the latest beta version. Every time I unlock my phone it pops up.

Here’s a link to disable it for the time being:

Thank you for the link. This started happening to me yesterday. It happened once or twice before the current beta, but this time it pops up every time I turn on the phone.

It’s not a great fix obviously. Some things will stop working when you change the date (like Safari for me). But I spoke with Apple and while they’re obviously aware of it at this point…there’s no ETA for a fix.

I just read the article. I will deal with the pop-up.

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I’m doing the same! Can’t complain too much when we are running the beta!

Agreed @tydurkin a minor inconvenience. Plus this is my fun device. Excited for it to get out of beta and download on my iPhone.

There’s a new update available!! Should fix the issue!

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I’m downloading it now…fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Hehe :grin: I got this message this morning too. Happily, it was in Carrot Weather. Still rocking iOS 11.

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It fixed the issue. I downloaded it while I was working which I wouldn’t normally do.

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