iOS 12 Dev beta

Anyone else did the crazy and installed the iOS dev beta on their phones?


Yep. Only thing I regret is that GPS has been less than reliable. Aside from that, it’s pretty stable.


Yup! And I was a bad influence on @MacSparky too who installed it just after me. It’s been solid for me - I rarely use GPS but it didn’t let me down when I needed it last week.


I have it on my iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5 and so far I have no regrets. like @kennonb mentioned, GPS has been a bit wonky but other than that I have been very impressed. In my experience both of my devices feels smoother and have better battery life than they did on the iOS 11 public beta which I find really surprising.


I’m personally waiting for the public beta, granted that should be in a week or so.

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I have it on my backupphone - old 5S - and so far works maybe better that iOS 11. The other day I forgot my X at home (a first for me) so I had to get through the whole day on the 5S, doing Tweetbot, Spark, Feedly, Music, Pocket, Maps. No crashes, decent speed, but it got quite hot easily. GPS was fine, Car Play too.

I have also put the beta on my iPad Pro 9.7 and if is very solid. This is my third s ear with the beta and it seems to be the most stable one.

Last but not least, this is my first day here, so greetings to you all!


I’ve decided that I will not be installing iOS 12 until the public beta. Perhaps then I’ll start with my iPad and see how it goes. If you are brave and decide to install the beta on your phone, I suggest you do so on a secondary device. Remember, problems can pop up at any time during the beta process.


I have been runnng it about 2 weeks and have no regrets. I am actually on vacation right now and using the GPS quite a bit and haven’t noticed any problems. What kind of problems are people seeing with GPS?

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I’m waiting for the public beta. I’m really looking forward to the Car Play changes - Apple Maps really stinks in my part of the world. :blush:


I’ve had GPS issues in both Apple and Google maps. Namely, the location won’t pinpoint/update frequently and it will get stuck in one position. I also have the issue where even if it does show my location accurately, the directions never update to the next step or recalculate if I miss a turn.

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yeah gps has been almost unuseable

I have noticed that Waze and Apple maps have been acting up a little bit, but I think my biggest issue so far is not being able to send any messages to green bubble friends. iMessage works just fine, but SMS is giving me a “failed to send” message. Still trying to work out whether this is a beta issue or a user (me) issue.

I guess it is a beta issue, I experienced it as well, did not thought much of it at the time and did not have to use sms since then

Briefly had iOS 12 (first developer beta) on my old iPhone 6. Seemed to run faster than iOS 11…

(back to iOS 11 because my parents are going to use this phone)

Yes, and it has been mostly fine. My only issue is Apple Maps/ GPS for the moment, that really screwed me the last days.

Is the GPS problem only with Apple Maps? I’m asking, because I haven’t been facing any such issues on beta 2. But then again, I use Google Maps exclusively.

I am not sure. I usually do not rely on GPS or Maps, but when I did on Friday I navigation was basically unusable.

Don’t the apps need to update to support Carplay before they will work???

Yes, and that can’t happen before the public release.

@RosemaryOrchard will it be a good idea to create one single (hopefully pinned) thread where everyone could discuss the developer and public betas, and maybe create new ones once every other beta is released? Asking about it because today the Swarm app suddenly stopped working for me after their latest update, and I wanted to mention it on some thread where everyone could follow all the potential issues in a particular beta. Couldn’t find any such thread yet. Didn’t want to create one without consulting with you.

What do you think?