iOS 12 - fresh install


With iOS 12 i will do a fresh install on my iPhone (last one was iOS 7 or 8). Also a reason for me is that some apps quit in the background while in standby and i think thats not normal. So what steps i should do?

  • update the current installation to iOS12

  • update all apps

  • start all apps to kick off the sync

  • take screenshots of some important settings

  • take screenshots of apps that i have installed

  • connect the phone to kick of an iCloud-Backup

  • backup locally via iTunes / USB

  • let the phone stay connected over night to do all open background syncs?

  • erase the phone and do a fresh installation of iOS12

  • set all settings as before

  • install needed apps (maybe i don’t all that i have now)

  • restore purchases

  • let the apps sync

What do i miss?

Wow - you take this seriously… :slight_smile:
I just assume everything is fine with the apps and go for it.

Make sure that you have all passwords to every app. They often don’t sync that.

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I believe this is completely normal.

Which is not intended to throw shade on your idea.

The passwords are saved in 1password. :slight_smile: