iOS 12 is MIA so far

It’s 1:15 pm EDT in Florida on Sept. 17 and so far no iOS 12 available for public download. Did somebody oversleep in Cupertino? :thinking:

It’s a rollout by geographic area. It’s already available in some parts of the world. Give it some time.

EDIT: 1:25pm EST and I’m downloading right now.

I’m downloading iOS 12 now in the Minneapolis area.

Downloading in Germany right now.

Downloading in California as I write

Downloading in the Maryland area.

Running on both my Ipad and Iphone in Sweden!

But Siri shortcuts is nowhere to be found :frowning: Not even in the app store!

Available here in the Philippines about an hour ago. Updating all devices :wink: if you have Workflow installed, Shortcuts will appear as an update.

Oddly the Shortcuts app updated but it still has the Workflow icon.

Oddly, I had to search the AppStore for “Workflow.” When I did, Shortcuts turned up as a result.

I had that oddity, too. Since I didn’t yet have any Workflows that I was worried about losing, I was able to get the appropriate icon by deleting the Workflow app, then installing Shortcuts afresh (oddly, as noted in a previous post, I had to search for “Workflow” in order to find Shortcuts in the AppStore).

All iOS devices now on iOS12, apple watch on v4, and shortcuts app working. I myself will be MIA for the next few days to get to grips with all the cool stuff :slight_smile:

I started my downloads about 1:20 EDT and was done with iPad and iPhone in about 20 minutes. The watch is still going after about 90 minutes and says it has an hour to go. TV update was really quick.

Just finished the install. The very first thing I did was build a short cut to TURN WIFI OFF!
Too bad I can’t put it into control center.

Downloading my phone first. Then I’ll do my iPad.