iOS 12 Voice Memos

I got the update yesterday and noticed that voice memos seems to have gotten an update.

I have never used voice memos before, and admittedly until hearing about the drafts watch complication on MPU a few weeks ago, had never used any kind of voice reminder! But I have enjoyed using the drafts app

My question to those who regularly use voice reminders, notes etc. what are your thoughts on voice memos vs drafts or your app of choice?

I sometimes just enjoy talking with out regards to punctuation or breaks, and also I enjoy not having to edit something later on. Drafts is quick for text, but voice memos are quicker if you want to speak.

I used to think Voice Memos were fantastic on iOS 11 but since the update, I have been very disappointed.

Yes, you now have:

  • iCloud Syncing
  • A Mac App that wasn’t there before
  • A new look

However, I have to say so far I am not a fan compared to the old version. At least the old version worked. I have been experiencing lots of Trimming and Editing issues. It’s ridiculously glitchy. The SAVE button doesn’t appear to work after trimming has occurred forcing some workaround of having to swipe out of the app only to re-enter it to find out whether the changes that you intended to make have been actioned or not.

Also, if I am not mistaken, there used to be the opportunity to Insert additional material in previously recorded files. This no longer appears to be possible. Yes! I know that you can replace, but not seemingly Insert - allowing you to add within the previously recorded material. I read a recent MacStories article that suggested that it was still there on some devices, but I can’t see it on anything that I have.

On top of all that, I have realised that there is no Cancel button - which is BONKERS. So get this… if you are testing the Replace function, as I just have… and you are not happy with what you have replaced - well tuff Sh!t, because you’re stuck with it. It’s amazing. I rarely rant, but this one has me stumped it seems so stupid!

I am not a happy man.

Is any of this familiar to you @RosemaryOrchard or @MacSparky? As I imagine that you both may have had cause to use it once or twice?

I’d be interested in your thoughts.