iOS 13.2.3 Health Data weirdness

OK So I decided to go ahead and update my iPhone to iOS 13.2.3 So far no real performance issues (it’s only been one day) but I am rather upset at the changes to the health data display.

Now all I see is the current day and getting to past days is a PITA. Each major item is a separate set of screens and not at all easy to move between from my POV.

Is there any way to customize it to get back to a simple week view where I can easily select a day and see the distance, flights and steps in one nice compact non-scrolling view that fits on a single screen?

I long ago gave up on Apple’s Health app. I replaced it with the free HealthView app (there’s also a $4.99 yearly IAP pro subscription available - I don’t use it, don’t know what it does), and the free Pedometer++ app:

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I don’t see any changes in 13.2.3 - did you just upgrade from 12?

I set a few items as favorites so they show on the main screen. One tap and I am in the normal view for that data type (distance, steps, weight, etc.) I have found it perfectly fine, and to get to a week view or month view is just one tap of a tab.

Having said that, the week/day view that you are referring to, where you see distance/flights/steps all in one view - I’ve never seen that before! Sounds nice, I hope someone responds with a solution.

Yes, the views are totally different from what was in 12

What it was originally is that I could see a week of days across the top and if I selected one I could see on a single screen the miles, steps and floors. I could then just swipe to move forward and back among the days. Nice and convenient. Easy to see all 3 things at one time.

What happens now is I can see all three on the summary but unless I am really careful I can’t always tell that one or more is from a different day. Especially floors which I don’t always go up and down every day or at least it doesn’t count our internal house stairs accurately.

Then if I select one to see a week I need to change the display to week view and then individually touch on each bar to see the actual steps for that day. Ditto for floors or for distance. So it’s many more clicks to get what was originally a nice clean neat display.